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Shipping Containers offer high quality new and used shipping containers, with 80 years  of experience in the industry.


External Container Specifications
Container Length10ft20ft30ft40ft
Container Width8ft8ft8ft8ft
Container Height:
*Standard8ft 6ins8ft 6ins8ft 6ins8ft 6ins
*High Cube9ft 6ins9ft 6ins9ft 6ins9ft 6ins
Internal Container Specifications
Container Length10ft20ft30ft40ft
Internal Length9ft 2ins19ft 3ins29ft 4ins39ft 4ins
Internal Width7ft 7ins7ft 7ins7ft 7ins7ft 7ins
Internal Height
*Standard7ft 9ins7ft 9ins7ft 9ins7ft 9ins
*High Cube8ft 9ins8ft 9ins8ft 9ins8ft 9ins
End Door Aperture Width7ft 8ins7ft 8ins7ft 8ins7ft 8ins
*End Door Aperture Height
*Standard7ft 5ins7ft 5ins7ft 5ins7ft 5ins
*High Cube8ft 5ins8ft 5ins8ft 5ins8ft 5ins
Floor Area72sq ft150sq ft227sq ft305sq ft
Cubic Capacity
*Standard560cu ft1160cu ft17670cu ft2360cu ft
*High Cube630cu ft1310cu ft1985cu ft2660cu ft
Weight1.5 tons2.2 tons2.8 tons3.3 tons

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