Gatehouses / Kiosks

Bepspoke Gatehouses and Kiosks for everyday use on building sites, office complexes, car parks and warehouses etc. Anywhere where you need to house a person for access to a site we can provide these bespoke Gatehouses and Kiosks. They can be built to all sizes and can be bespoke to your specific requirements. Give us a call for a quote and a price for your specific Gatehouse or Kiosk. The Kiosks and Gatehouse can be painted to whatever colour you want, can have added windows or doors and can be made to fit more than one person if necessary.

Delivery is available nationwide on all of our Gatehouse and Kiosks. A quotation for delivery can be given on receipt of delivery location. Please contact us for more information using our Quick Quote form. Or call 0800 907 0084.

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